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Nicolae Serban

Nicolae Şerban este un sculptor în lemn, creator popular, din satul Rogoz, Maramureș. Casa lui este un adevărat atelier, stâlpii pridvorului, interiorul, toate sunt sculptate. Statuetele lui Nicolae Şerban reprezintă ţăranul român în diferite ipostaze, la munca câmpului, cu animalele, la treburile casnice, la sărbători ori la obiceiuri. Şerban a avut numeroase expoziţii colective în străinătate. Prima troiţă a fost una la care au lucrat mai mulţi meşteri, imediat după evenimentele din 1989, şi a fost dusă la Timişoara în Piaţa Revoluţiei.

Pizanias Sea Star

Pizanias Sea Star is an old Restaurant in the town of Rhodes. It’s a place you must see. Here you can find great food and an interesting story.

The story is about Anthony Quinn who was an everyday eater in this taverna. He enjoyed it very much. At that time, a boy named Dimitri was a young apprentice. He met Anthony and learned his charme.

Now Dimitri is in charge with the Restaurant and he serves you the best grilled octopul (polipo) and fried small cuttlefish (moscardino). And you can enjoy some genuine old pictures with Anthony Quinn and Roger Moore.


Halki (Chalki) is a Greek island in the Dodecanese archipelago in the Aegean Sea, some 6 km west of Rhodes. With the area of 28 km2 , it is the smallest inhabited island of Dodecanese. It has permanent population of 330 (increased during the summer months), concentrated in the only village Emborio.

Zoom: Biking in Venice

Riding a Bycicle in Venice’s historical center is forbidden. Still, some parents might find it useful to know little kids seem to be allowed. They turn a blind eye to the small children. David biking in Venice.

Riva del Garda

Riva del Garda is located at the north-western corner of Lake Garda, approximately 70 metres (230 feet) above sea level. The town is located at the southern edge of the Italian Alps, near the Dolomites. It is bordered by Monte Rocchetta to the west and Monte Brione, 376 metres (1,234 ft) above sea level, to the east. East of Riva del Garda is the village Torbole, bordered by Monte Baldo.

Winters are cold, sunny and with some snow; summers are extremely warm but rarely cold, with very hot afternoons and beautiful sunset at nights.


David Biker and Feather Queen in Riva del Garda
David Biker and Feather Queen in Riva del Garda