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Sailing to Symi Island

“The influx on refugees into Greek Islands that lie off the Turkish coast is causing authorities increasing concern. The grateful refugees are mostly families that have fled terror and are generally peaceable and polite and present no behaviour problems to the Greek authorities.

On the island of Symi, near Rhodes, more than 4,000 imigrants have arrived in the past six months and many have been housed in buildings around the port”

Symi is a island and municipality. It is mountainous and includes the harbor town of Symi and its adjacent upper town Ano Symi, as well as several smaller localities, beaches, and areas of significance in history and mythology. Symi is part of the Rhodes regional unit.

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Anul (meu) 2011 in imagini

Muscarici Fly Casting Day 2011

Brief: in final au fost prezenti in jur de 25 de persoane din care 15 erau muscari interesati de partea de workshop si casting clinic. Ziua a fost superba si a meritat fiecare minut petrecut impreuna cu Sasa. Sper ca macar un pic ati prins din atmosfera placuta pe care am avut-o, am invatat lucruri noi si multe corectii la casting-ul pe care il facem cu totii aici. Bere Caster a fost din plin, lucru pentru care multumim lui Hari Loth si Clinicii de bere din Timisoara.
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